The Research Computing and Informatics Facility (RCIF)open in new window is a human imaging facility to help you create and execute computationally intensive studies:


To help you access funding:

To help the RCIF access funding, we need you, the users, to cite the RCIF in your publications:

Computations were performed using the facilities of the Washington University Research Computing and Informatics Facility, which were partially funded by NIH grants S10OD025200, 1S10RR022984-01A1 and 1S10OD018091-01. Additional support is provided The McDonnell Center for Systems Neuroscience.

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Organization of the Site

We tried to make this a (mostly) linear workflow, from getting an account to specialized applications and recipes for doing specific tasks.

Remote Development

We encourage you to utilize the cluster not just for your compute-intensive jobs, but also for one-off tasks and day-to-day development activities. We believe that developing your cluster jobs on the cluster reduces headaches, speeds deployment, and eases testing/debugging. See below for some resources and tutorials to get started:

As always, please be courteous and avoid running compute-intensive jobs on the login nodes.